Scrum Day Europe 2016

The theme of the conference, “The Next Iteration,” was all about the future of Scrum. We wanted to tie our workshop into the theme of the conference, so we had a creative brainstorming session and identified four key elements that we think are important in the future of Scrum.

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8 Best Practices to Start a Scrum Project

Currently I’m writing a series of blog posts about the retrospective I facilitated during Scrum Day Europe. I’ll describe the strength of Scrum, experienced frustrations, small improvements and also what should be the focus the upcoming years. For the latter the participants suggested Scrum should focus on creating value-driven organizations. While doing some research on this idea I stumbled […]

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The Strength of Scrum

On July 7th the Scrum community gathered in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) for the 5th edition of Scrum Day Europe. This years theme was ‘the next iteration’. Therefore we looked back to see what Scrum brought us the last 20 years, but also looked forward into the future of Scrum. Naturally, the evaluation was done via […]

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