Taking back the Daily Scrum

This is what you might know as the daily ‘stand up.’  It is the most abused, tortured and mistreated meeting in Scrum.  Or not even Scrum.  If nothing else, this is usually the part of Scrum that organizations adopt and keep.  If they do nothing else then they do this.  And boy do they do […]

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Agile is constant change

One of the key foundations of helping your business become Agile is the use of empiricism. Empiricism is the scientific approach based on evidence, where any idea must be tested against observations, rather than intuition. Empiricism is based on three pillars: transparency, inspection and adaptation. Adaptation has many synonyms, of which ‘change’ is the most […]

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Sea Retrospective

There is a wonderful game from our childhood. I think many people have played it. The groups chooses one person who turns away and says: The sea is rough – one. The sea is rough – two. The sea is rough – three.(Children at this time depict the fermenting sea.) Sea figure, stop dancing in […]

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