Dining Table

Agile Table Manners

​ Table Manners There is a striking similarity between good table manners and good agile behaviours – “agile table manners”. It is even more clear when viewed through the lens of the Scrum values: Focus, Respect, Openness, Courage and Commitment. The intent of manners is to help it be as safe and pleasant to be […]

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Jira – A Necessary Evil?

Because there’s no easy way in telling you this, I’ll just share it straight away… Next week I’ll be setting up a Jira environment for the product teams I’m coaching… Yes… Jira! The issue & project tracking system for software teams created by Atlassian. It’s pretty easy to find negative quotes or memes about Jira. […]

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Evolution of the Development Team

What are the characteristics of a good Development Team and how does a Development Team evolve when it is using Scrum? In my previous two blogs I described the pattern of an evolving Scrum Master and a Product Owner. This blog describes how a Development Team typically evolves. 10 Years ago I had the privilege […]

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Scrum Framework

How Does Scrum Promote Self-Organization?

What Is Self-Organization? “Knowledge workers have to manage themselves. They have to have autonomy,” says Peter Drucker. Scrum Promotes Self-Organization By specifying a lightweight framework: three roles, five events, and three artifacts. By removing titles for the Development Team members. Everyone is equal, and there is no hierarchy within the Development Team. By empowering the […]

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