Louis-Philippe Carignan

Louis-Philippe first discovered Agile while integrating with test-driven development and continuous integration in 2004. He then encountered Scrum and never looked back afterwards. With more than 12 years of experience in IT, Louis-Philippe has worked in various industries such as oil & gas, transit, GIS, insurance and the public sectors.  He has occupied many different roles throughout his professional experience. He acted as a Agile change agent within software development teams early in his career. He then held leadership positions such as Scrum Master and leader of the Agile practice. He is currently acting as a full time Agile coach and trainer for organizations in the Quebec City area.

Louis-Philippe is an enthusiast natural-born leader that draws crowds together behind a common goal. He brings a vision to an organization beyond the short-term profits. He enjoys working with people to align their personal motivations with the ones of the organization. He tries to do all that while preserving his strong software engineering skills best practices and methodologies.

Louis-Philippe is a graduate in computer engineering (B. Eng) from the University of Sherbrooke and holds a business certificate from the same university.