Dan Sloan


As an Organizational Agility Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer, Dan Sloan is on a professional mission to help transform and elevate software Product organizations into collaborative and sustainable ecosystems that are creative, focused and fun for everyone.

A number of years ago, Dan dedicated his professional life to this cause after suffering through a number of unrealistic and inhumane Product Delivery efforts in the flawed role of a Software “Waterfall” Project Manager. He left that profession behind forever and reconnected to the high performing software Product Delivery teamwork that was so fulfilling in his earlier career.

His skills, leadership and knowledgeable “storytelling” are now fully channeled to guide organizations around the globe on a fruitful path toward lasting Organizational Agility.

Through his blog, the Scrum.org blog and LinkedIn Pulse, Dan makes his best attempt to offer 23 years of learning and insights through provocative writings about real organizations and their pursuits toward lasting Organizational Agility.

He cherishes the chance to foster relationships with people around the world who connect with his professional purpose. If this resonates with you, reach out and connect with Dan directly on LinkedIn. He would love to hear from you!

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