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Daniel Sloan - Scrum

I am living my passion as an Enterprise Agile Coach & Agile Leadership Coach with The Madison Henry Group. Now into our 10th year in business, our firm prides itself on helping companies discover and realize the benefits of Agile and Lean principles within turbulent business conditions by transforming our clients’ complex software development work into a value-creation and market-leading innovation engine.

Leveraging our industry-leading education programs from Scrum.org, Agile coaching, mentorship and unique partnerships, our clients are creating more value for their customers, releasing product more frequently, and sparking innovation in their industry verticals. We are the company that injects high-performance thinking into your people, teams and your organization.

We also leave a lasting effect by teaching and coaching your company how to sustain this success on its own. Is “Agile” not working for you? Does your company need to figure this out to be successful?

Where should you start? Our firm partners with Scrum.org, led by the co-creator of Scrum, Ken Schwaber to deliver Professional Scrum Training & Certification Programs and apply Evidence-Based Management™ for implementing and scaling Agile and Lean principles across the enterprise. Read through my growing list of LinkedIn training testimonials to see what this outstanding learning experience can do to spark your own Agile transformation. Whether you’re starting an Agile journey or struggling to get to the next level, this training is a great place to start. Our firm will change the way you think about Agile and Scrum and show you the right path to take on this complex and rewarding journey.

I would be grateful for a chance to bring our firm’s expertise, experience, passion and energy to your organization.

Try some of my recent Scrum.org blog posts and let me know if they inspire you in any way:

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